Gundam Wing : Blind Target PDF

This is a list of fictional characters from the Japanese anime television series, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the gundam Wing : Blind Target PDF incarnation of the Gundam media franchise. The series focuses on the four mobile suit pilots of the paramilitary organization Celestial Being.

Ce jour-là, le souffle d’une explosion fait trembler l’univers… C’est l’horreur au sommet intercolonial dont dépend l’avenir de la Terre et des colonies. Aucun des représentants présents ne survit à la catastrophe. Sur la liste des victimes, on peut lire le nom du pilote de Gundam, Quatre Naberba Winner. L’arrivée de mystérieux messagers semble annoncer le début d’une nouvelle guerre. GUNDAM W, l’heure de vérité a sonné !

Gundam units in aggressive armed interventions. Seiei is the primary protagonist of the series and was discovered by Celestial Being at the age of 16 for having special potential as a pilot. He is currently a Gundam Meister and pilots Gundam Exia, specialized in melee combat. He was once a child soldier of Kurdish descent in the war-torn Krugis Republic.

Neil Dylandy is the first Lockon Stratos who decided to join Celestial Being because his parents and younger sister were killed in a terrorist bombing. As the eldest pilot, he is considered the pilots’ team leader, and sports a more easy-going, flamboyant personality as compared to the other Gundam Meisters. First seen in episode 9 of the first season, he was visiting the grave site of his family. Four years after the death of Neil Dylandy, Setsuna F Seiei recruits Neil’s twin brother, Lyle, to become the new Lockon Stratos and pilot of the Cherudim Gundam and then Zabanya. He is shown to be easy-going like his brother, but continues to struggle with distinguishing himself from Neil. Allelujah’s rival in combat is another subject of the Super Soldier program, Soma Peries whom he shared deep connection which Hallelujah realized long before he did.