Hacker’s Guide PDF

I will recommend this to fellow devs who wish to take their Python skills to next level. You have to put in the sweat, blood, and tears to become a jedi of Python. Maybe you think: If you hacker’s Guide PDF the mistakes that others have made means you’re not good enough to write efficient code.

Qu’utilisent les hackers pour modifier le contenu de votre disque dur, pénétrer dans l’intranet de votre entreprise, ou pirater vos mots de passe ? Comment développer des contre-mesures efficaces et se protéger durablement de ces dangers ? Toutes les réponses à ces questions sont dans cet ouvrage ! Ce livre vous apporte de nouvelles informations sur les logiciels de scan de réseaux sans fil, vous expose les principes de la stéganographie, présente les coffre-forts logiciels ainsi que les logiciels d’anonymat.
Offert ! Un CD-ROM contenant de nombreux utilitaires pour protéger votre PC et ses données : SuperScan 3.0, Stealther pour surfer sur le Web de manière totalement anonyme, Analyzer et enfin NetStumbler.

It just means everyone else knows a secret you don’t. When they write code, they’re following specific battle-tested strategies and methods to leapfrog over mistakes. They get faster code with fewer errors. After I spent years working every day in Python, I compiled my best lessons into an ebook. I promise that you’ll get an instantly actionable tip. How can this book help me?

These will help you get the most out of Python, and build future-proof programs. You will gain a greater insight into the inner workings of the language. You will be unbeatable about how Python works deep down. You will avoid making the mistakes that others have made, saving you time. You’ll discover strategies that will help you maintain your software in the long run. They share their know-how and wisdom on the various themes covered in the book. He wrote a lot of very large Python application and maintained them during several years.

He is well known in the community for working on making CPython faster and leads several performance-oriented projects. He likes to talk about optimizations, profiling, and performance when using Python, and how to make the right decisions. Josh is very knowledgeable on principles that make Python application resilient and faults tolerant as he wrote and maintained several of those over the years. He had the chance to work with a lots of Python developers and has a few opinions about how you should handle your database. Paul has a great understanding of the Python interpreter and its abstract syntax tree.

Hi, I’m Julien, a Free Software hacker for close to twenty years now. These last ten years, I’ve been developing software using Python. Hackers guide to python has been helpful from page 1. I’ve learn a lot of tips and tricks despite the fact that I use python since 6 years ago! THGTP 3rd edition, best python book ever! How do I get the electronic version?