Kaleido N 2 T 2 PDF

2012 Kaleido N 2 T 2 PDF anime television series written by Leiji Matsumoto. The story is set on Earth in the future when abnormal activity on the sun devastates Earth’s atmosphere and covers the entire planet in a sea of sand. Sam pursues Ozma, an enemy of his brother.

One day, Sam encounters Maya, who is being chased by the Theseus army. Sam Coin is the protagonist of OZMA. After his brother was taken, he joined the Baldanos’ Crew. He often brings about trouble, for which the crew makes fun of him.

He saved Maya, who was being pursued by the Theseus Army. Sam is very confident, and often does not think twice about taking risks. He is willing to do anything to assist someone in need. Maya is a mysterious girl being chased by the Theseus Army. She is saved by Sam Coyne and brought aboard the Bardanos. She is one of the original « Ideal Children ». The Ideal Children serve as the basis of the Theseus’ cloning operation.

Theseus want to use Maya to counteract this degradation in quality. Mimay is Sam Coin’s childhood friend and a crew member of the Bardanos. She holds feelings for him, but he doesn’t seem to notice. Bainas is the captain of the Bardanos.

While Sam is searching for an Ozma, or ‘sand whale’, he spots a woman being chased by the Theseus Army. When an Ozma appears and causes the military to turn back, Sam rescues the woman, who introduces herself as Maya. Sam takes Maya back to the ship he lives on to let her eat, but the Theseus Army catches up and corners the ship, demanding Maya. The captain decides to protect Maya, and the military opens fire. The Sand Pirates have escaped with Maya, and Theseus is in hot pursuit. The pirates dive under the sand, but are locked down by sand anchors.