Pékin PDF

Pékin PDF is located in southeast Beijing and considered the eastern gateway to the nation’s capital. County, although there is evidence for human settlement in the Neolithic. In July 1937, subsequent to the galvanising Marco Polo Bridge Incident, Tongzhou became another site of determined Chinese resistance.

Découvrez-la, à travers les évènements les plus marquants de son histoire : l’invasion mongole, l’avènement de la dynastie Ming, les étapes de construction de la Cité interdite, la chute du dernier empereur… Des illustrations incroyablement détaillées nous entraînent au cœur de la cité, de son organisation et de la vie quotidienne de ses habitants.

It reverted again to Tongzhou when the area was upgraded in 1997 to a district. On 11 July 2015, Tongzhou became the second administrative seat of Beijing as a « sub-administrative center » for the municipality. Numerous local government departments will be moved to Tongzhou to reduce crowding within the city center of Beijing. Satellite image of part of Tongzhou District. Its climate belongs to the mild temperate zone, with distinct seasons including hot summers and freezing winters.

It has an annual mean temperature of 11. Tongzhou District is divided into six subdistricts, ten towns, and one ethnic township. Aerial view of Yongshun Township of Tongzhou. Downtown Tongzhou is connected to downtown Beijing by Jingtong Expressway and Batong Line, Beijing Subway. Tongzhou, focusing on modern manufacturing and high-tech industries. Downtown Tongzhou is earmarked for redevelopment into a comprehensive central business district with an emphasis on consumer retail.