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Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland. The Act sets out the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament. The Act grants the Secretary of State for Scotland power to direct the Scottish Government not to take any action which he has reasonable grounds to believe « would be incompatible with any international obligations » or to act where he believes such action « is required for the purpose of giving effect to any such obligations ». Scotland PDF Act also sets up mechanisms to resolve disputes over questions about legislative competence of the Parliament and powers of the Executive.

The Act was passed on 17 November 1998, and received royal assent two days later on 19 November. The first elections were held in May 1999 and the Scottish Parliament and Executive assumed their full powers on 1 July 1999. Act 2004 to end the link between the number of MPs at Westminster and the number of constituency MSPs. It was amended again in 2016 as a reaction to the 2014 Scottish Independence vote. The Wales Act 2014 made amendments to Part 4A of the Scotland Act around the definition of a Scottish taxpayer, to ensure that an individual could not be a taxpayer in both countries in the same year. There shall be a Scottish Parliament Consensus ». Sections 19 to 27, 39 to 43.

Devolution of income tax in Wales ». 1979, » Journal of British Studies Jan. The others were fully or partially approved. There is no law-making body for any regionally devolved area.