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The Theatre du Soleil was founded as a theatre collective in 1964, in the midst of cultural turmoil that was sweeping the western world. With the capitalist west and the Communist east locked in the midst of the Cold War, nuclear warfare was imminent while the whole of Europe was slowly recovering from the destruction of World War II. The Theatre du Soleil was founded in the 1960s as a reaction against traditional theatrical institutions in Soleil d’arbre PDF. The company’s productions have included both re-imaginings of classics of Western theatre such as Shakespeare’s Richard II and Moliere’s Tartuffe, but the company is equally well known for their original works.

At other times, they provocatively, directly comment on contemporary events, such as their production of Tartuffe in which the title character was presented as an Islamic zealot at a time when there was a movement in France against foreign immigration. They have drawn inspiration from non-Western cultures, such as when they used bunraku-style puppetry in their production Tambours sur la Digue. The company’s first widely recognized production was in 1967 with Arnold Wesker’s 1957 play The Kitchen. One of the company’s most recent major works was their production of Les Ephemeres created and directed by Ariane Mnouchkine. The show premiered at the 2009 Lincoln Center Festival.

Les Ephemeres is centered on the river of time with its events both past and present. The Village Voice characterized the show’s theme as « To go with the flow, to accept the fact that time is the great devastator. Senior members such as Mnouchkine are not given preferential treatment. Chronologie des spectacles et des films du Théâtre du Soleil ». Behind the masks of a moralist ».