The World’s Embrace: Selected Poems PDF

Issue 20 was sent out on 30th May the World’s Embrace: Selected Poems PDF. If you haven’t received your copy, please let us know. Second Light Network, published under their Second Light Publications imprint.

Members receive a copy as part of their membership benefits. Cheque payable to « Second Light » and send to Administrator, Anne Stewart at 20 Clovelly Way, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0WD. Please use the Subscription order form and include your telephone number with your order in case of query. Or you can subscribe online here. Submission Guidelines Submission is open to women only, including non-members. Comments on the journal’s content or anything you would like to see discussed in relation to women’s writing. All submissions: submit paper copy initially to Dilys Wood, 3 Springfield Close, East Preston, West Sussex, BN16 2SZ.

Please write « ARTEMISpoetry » on your envelope. 31st August 2018 Poems by women of any age. Poems should be typed, or if written, then very neatly. Each poem should commence on a new page, headed « Submission for ARTEMISpoetry ». Do include your name with each poem and include your name and full contact details in your submission.

Submit up to 4 poems to a maximum of 200 lines in all. Contributors whose poetry is accepted will be notified by 31st October 2018. She lives on the Lleyn Peninsula and blogs regularly at maryrobinsonpoetry. Uist Waulking Song and Out of Time.

Please give a title for each work. We are looking to include a wide range of subject-matter and style. Images which work best have good definition and contrast. Contributors whose artwork is accepted will be notified by 31st October 2018. Members’ News For Issue 21 to arrive by 14th September 2018, Members only. Please let us know about your successes, publications, forthcoming events or workshops that you will be running.